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High Plains Visit

Club CAPS sophomores, Lukas, Oliver, Max and Fabrice, along with STEM Facilitator Lee Kallstrom and Director Dawn Nizzi, took a trip to Polk, NE to visit High Plains Community Schools to learn about their one year old school sign business. As explained by Principal Cameron Hudson, students in a collaboration of courses and teachers have started a successful custom sign business. Students market, sell, design with customer feedback, keep records and payment accounts, create custom steel signs with a recently purchased plasma cutter, and deliver them to each client.  The signs they create for area farm homesteads and residents are remarkable.  We were the lucky beneficiaries of two of their custom signs!


HPCS has incredible opportunities in place and planned for its students.  We got to learn about their pivot management program—yes, they have a center pivot on site–, crop research sites with local seed companies, seedling business out of their greenhouse, and more.  Their work to benefit the local community and economy as well as to provide powerful learning experiences for their students is incredible.  All with a student population in their high school of 71 students.


Club CAPS students are a group of talented and entrepreneurial students with whom Lee and I have been working after school since last year. During a recent conference here in Omaha, I learned about High Plains’ sign business and wanted to have the Club students learn about it as well.  CAPS, with grant funding, purchased an Epilog Laser Engraver.  The opportunity to collaborate with our rural public school students and staff to learn what they have done and to create a similar opportunity for our CAPS program seemed a perfect fit for what CAPS is about.


We are looking forward to sharing with you in 2018 the business these enterprising young people create!